Lights Of Heaven


had to draw the batter!

i love this game

Made it to N.B in one piece!~ Here’s a pic of the ocean for you guys~ There’s also chickens at the camp ground! I feel more at home~ I love the rooster so much!


Dinosaur Pokemon


ポケモンらくがきつめ by ウチこし

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White Stag by Baku Maeda

Self-standing stag figure woven and composed entirely with ribbon

Hooooo boy here we go. My boyfriend’s parents alarm clock just went off screeching like a pterodactyl, and he looked over at me grinning wildly like “GUESS WHAT?~”
So I guess we’ll be going in a few minutes~
Dunker’s says apparently I talked in my sleep again though XD
He told me I apparently whispered “PARTY” to him, and surprisingly enough I remember this XD He started laughing though, because when I told him one of his OC’s wanted to party, he asked me “who does he want to party with?”
I replied: WITH HIMSELF…
That’s one lonely ass party! XDDD


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My gf made a mama kangaroo character for my character~ c: <3

I’m glad you like her so much!~ >w< This is too cute ahh~ <3

this is rapture.

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EEEYYY GUYS! Big announcement! I’M FINALLY GONNA SEE THE OCEAN!~ *squees* Haaa I’m so uber excited!~ My boyfriend and his family are taking me with them to New Brunswick for two weeks! I’ve never seen the ocean, and we’ll be camping so it should be barrels of fun!~ 
We may not have internet though so that means I may not be around for a little while- BUT- I’ll make sure to take loads of pictures for you all!~ 
I can’t wait to collect shells- and run in the ocean- AND RUN OUT OF THE OCEAN SCREAMING ‘CAUSE DAMN WIDE WATER IS SCARY- and then run back in and flounder like a beached Kyogre for awhile~

SO YES~ All in all- I hope to have an awesome time and have horrible adventures with boifrand~ uwu

Pokeball - Pokemon