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The Blue Pond in Hokkaido Changes Colors Depending on the Weather

“The Most Beautiful Pond In The World!”

According to the photographer Ken Shiraishiwho made a pilgrimage up to Northern Japan last month to take these shots, the water contains a high degree of aluminum hydroxide, which reflects blue light – a phenomenon responsible for our lovely blue skies. Shiraishi spent several days up there photographing the pond in various light.


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did it just sneeze awwwww


ORAS may be trying to spread the lie that Maxie is intelligent but we all need to remember that in Emerald he tried to throw rocket fuel into a volcano and make it erupt. (pretty much everything he did was stupid)

story by Edarae

and a huge thanks to Rune-nini for writing almost all of the text and generally fixing my English in everything I post ;w; <3



sleepy peep cheep cheeps (source) (reupload bc I’m a dozy bugger and messed up the gif set feel free to delete this part of the caption if u want) 



Dog Fortress inspired by the amazing Dogs of the World! I’m not so good at this style, but it was fun at least ( ; 7 ; ) 

Edit: Please my friends, I know poodles are German ( ; ^ ; ) but I can’t help but think of France when I see them, such elegant doggies!

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